Nick Jones & Diana Cruz

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Natural Tango
Nicholas Jones and Diana Cruz’s artistic partnership gives shape and life to the concept of NaturalTango.

As enthusiastic teachers, choreographers, performers, dj’s, dance festival organizers and musicians, Nick & Diana are invited to dance events, tango festivals and workshops around the world.

They host the annual NaturalTango Festival in Denver, CO, bringing world renowned artists to create a special event that pulls a important dance crowd from all over the world.

They have created and performed at various Dance Productions such as: „Tango Times“ with Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne; the „Tango Zone“ in New York; „Piazzolla, En Sus Palabras“ with Parasol Arts; „Oniria Tango“, directed by Miss Cruz.
They are are musicians for the Orquesta Típica NaturalTango.

They have been teachers and performers at tango festivals and special workshops in the United States and Canada, as well as in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They are constantly touring, teaching and performing in Europe, Australia and Asia.

They are also invited as performers with Live Music bands and orchestras such as, Exatsis Tango Quartet, Devotchka, the Georgia Symphony Orchestra, Strings Festival, Littleton Symphony Orchestra among others.

As dance teachers, Nick & Diana share, unreservedly, their technique and structure so that each individual student can ultimately reach their own expression in the dance. They believe that the goal of a teacher is to give everything away to the student, while the goal of the performer is to hide their secrets so they can enamor and bedazzle the audience. Nick & Diana do both with fluid ease and grace.

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