Esteban Cortez & Virginia Azuarga

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Esteban Cortez and Virginia Arzuaga are an explosive cocktail of intense lyricism and visceral creole spirit. With an eclectic beauty that combines deep roots milongueras with the plasticity of the new dynamics, their performances are charged with an unusual intensity, based on the stubborn pursuit of musicality and a deep fervor devoted to the purest traditional tango legacy.
The contextualization of social historical steps, figures and dynamics, enriched with anecdotes about the development of dance, and knowledge of anatomical and biomechanical implications that ensure technical awareness in the execution of movements. The development of musicality and interpretation tools to dance different orchestral styles, form a comprehensive approach in their lessons that welcome both professional and amateur tango dancers.

„You can teach technique, context, give data, train the ear, the musical taste, the capacity to interpret… But the real adventure, which is above and below the dance, the mystery, the sad and unique beauty of a tango, the shameless mischief of a milonga, that can not be taught. It descends on the spirit inexplicably. That, the unattainable, is what we crave, and we are happy when we spread at least a little that infinite hunger on those out there searching“

Virginia and Esteban